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Silver Paste Film
Electric Conduction Gasket
Electric Conduction Net
Electromagnetic Wave Absorber / Control Material
Conductive Film
Conductive Film

Product Feature
1. Strong and tough, non fracture and resistant.
The contains of metal remains stable.
2. Soft affixing parts to avoid rebounding. No cocking, no stripping.
3. No fray in punch processing, so to avoid wrong conductivity and short circuits.
4. Operating in wide temperature environment -40°C~100°C.
Stable performance without deterioration.
5. Highly convenient, Smooth and easy affixing, No curling.
6. Meet your product ID design; fulfill your colors and appearance wishes.

Product Spec
Model IP-HU288 IP-HU288
(Double side with
adhesive on)
The same function of the product
Thickness 0.022mm ± 0.003 0.022mm ± 0.003
Conductive adhesive 0.010mm ±0.002 0.020mm ±0.005
Release Paper 0.13mm ±0.03 0.13mm ±0.03
Weight(g/㎡) 12 15
Surface resistance(Ω/□) 0.04 0.06
Bandwidth Range 30MHZ 82dB 82dB
Bandwidth Range 1GHZ 69dB 69dB