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Silver Paste Film
Electric Conduction Gasket
Electric Conduction Net
Electromagnetic Wave Absorber / Control Material
Conductive Film
Conductive Film

Company Profile
  Immense Power Co., Ltd was founded on 2000. With high quality, trusty service and professionalism, our company aims on building long-term business.

We are focus on importing and introducing electronics components. All our products are committed to RoHS standard.

New technology products and excellent quality contribute to fulfill customers’ inquiries and to create a win-win business model.

Company Ethics
  • Fulfilling customers’ expectations
  • Bringing Customer satisfaction
  • Pursuing excellence
  • Creating value

      Kohyei Trading Co., Ltd.

      If you are interested in cooperating with IMMENSE POWER CO., LTD. please contact us on +886-2-2598-8838 or send email to ip.ip@impower.com.tw